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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Speakers Forums

Our speakers' forums host a range of exciting talks and workshops from experienced speakers, well-known community figures, and skilled professionals. Scroll down to find this year's line up!

Speakers Forum One


13:00 - Twenty-first Century Witchcraft with Diane Narroway

Join Diane Narraway of the Dolmen Grove to find out more about what we practice, our techniques and what we really have in common with our predecessors.

Find out more about Diane on the Dolmen Grove website or on their page on Facebook.


14:00 - Wolves and Wolf Cults with Rich Blackett

Delve into the dark and ancient history of Wolf Cults, werewolves and Heathen Warriors, as Rich Blackett explores the fascinating ancient rituals of the Proto-Indo Europeans, legends of Dog headed men and the Viking era Wolf Warriors.

Rich Blackett is chair of Asatru UK and one of the organisers behind the Folk Horror Revival Group. He recently published the first edition of The Havamal to include three parallel translations alongside the Old Norse original text, including an in depth essay exploring the religious and historical context of the poem. His next book “Of Wolf & Man” will examine Wolf Cults and origins of the Werewolf in the Ancient World.

15:00 - Tarot Workshop with DK Leather

Professional respected tarot reader since the nineties (& celebrant, guide, counsellor), DK will be giving a talk to share and demystify the Tarot.

Beginners/experienced welcome, for a refreshing look at this wonderful personal growth and life path progression tool. Come learn and laugh with him.

Find out more about DK on his website or find him on Facebook

16:00- Jesus and the Green Man by Matt Arnold

Nestled amongst the intricate stone and wood carvings within many ancient cathedral and temple buildings there exists mysterious human heads surrounded or covered by foliage, their meaning lost in time according to historians. In literature they appear in many guises - the guardian of the forest in Gilgamesh, the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and even in the stories of Robin Hood and Herne the Hunter. From the time of Lady Raglan this enigmatic figure has been known as the Green Man, becoming an archetype for many with a deep green spirituality and interest in the environmental movement.

Together we explore some of the ideas of the Green Man, fusing some of the latest concepts in physics, Paganism and Christianity’s own “Green Man” – Jesus - in an attempt to peel away another layer of wrapping surrounding this mysterious figure.

Matt is an Anglican lay pioneer minister in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire whose faith has been wonderfully strengthened and re-enchanted through exploring deep green spirituality alongside his friends in Pagan pathways. His work involves rebuilding communities through a variety of projects, many of which have an eco-spiritual flavour including the highly successful Pleasley Community Orchard, and Pleasley Forest Church, which meets in there. He also co-hosts The Bridge (one of the first Pagan-Christian interfaith moots in the country) and displays his “spiritual fusion cooking” for all to read on his blog.


17:00 - The Horned Deities with Cheryl Waldron

The horned deities are numerous and quite often infamous. By discussing a select few, known and unknown, we can delve into their histories and discover how we utilise their qualities and gifts in our own contemporary paths.

Cheryl Waldron is writer, illustrator and editor, she was the assistant editor and contributor of the ground-breaking publication Lucifer, the Light of the Aeon (Black Moon Publishing) and Songs of the Black Flame (Black Moon Publishing). Her newest venture Magickal Tales to Delight and Inspire (Dark Moon Press) is a collaboration with writer and editor Diane Narraway; the book due out later this year is aimed at pagan children and families.  She has written articles for several publications including Becoming Psychic Magazine and is a regular contributor of the Dolmen Grove Chronicles, one of the fastest growing online publications in the pagan and occult community. She regularly talks about many varying pagan, witchcraft and holistic subjects, and is fast becoming an up and coming editor and illustrator in her own right.

As a historian, Cheryl specialises in Celtic, prehistoric and medieval English history. Cheryl will be attending the Left-Hand Path Consortium in St Louis next summer.


Speakers Forum Two


13:00: Pagan Parenting: A Round Table Discussion by Melissa Wheeler (Regional Manager for Lincolnshire, Pagan Federation) and Emma Hoole (Lindum Circle).

Melissa Wheeler and Emma Hoole are the co-leaders of Lindum Circle, which is a Lincoln-based, open and family-friendly moot and ritual group.

Melissa is a mum of four who lives in Lincoln with her partner, her two youngest children and two cats. She is the Pagan Federation Regional Coordinator for Lincolnshire. She has been a practicing pagan for over two decades as an eclectic with Celtic/Heathen leanings. She loves to crochet, read, and spend time with her dearest friends and family. She's a stay at home mum who occasionally does a bit of celebrancy.

Emma is a mum of three who lives in Scunthorpe with her husband, two youngest children, and two dogs. She is the Pagan Federation North East Parenting Officer and Local Coordinator for Scunthorpe and Grimsby. She is a practicing Druid of six years. She loves to spend time with her horses. She's a paralegal who works for the county council.

Together, they're forever laughing and talking about how they can best serve the pagan community. Occasionally, they plot world domination. Well, maybe just for world peace.


14:00 - Rites of Passage for the LGBTQIA community with Lyn Balis of Life Rites.

Join Lyn for a talk about rites of passage for the LGBTIA+ community. LifeRites offers practical help and support to those who wish to develop a ritual suitable for them, or who require the services of a professional celebrant. They can assist in all kinds of rituals, from handfastings and coming of age ceremonies to funerals, woodland burials and eldership ceremonies. They also train celebrants.

Find out more on their website.


15:00 - Paganism and Mental Health with Cat Treadwell

Just as there are many physically varied Pagans, so there are many mentally varied folk as well. Mental Health is becoming less of a taboo in society these days, but as a community, it's important to help our fellows, as often the systems in place aren't always accessible when they're needed. Cat will be looking at how we can use our skills and spirituality to help ourselves and those we care about. You are not alone.

Cat is a professional Druid Priest, ritual celebrant and multifaith workder. She travels throughout the midlands performing handfastings and other rites, as well as giving talks.

She volunteers for the Druid Network and the East Midlands Pagan Federation, and is an ordained Awenydd (priest) of the Anglesey Druid Order. She is also a professional Pagan chaplain, and the author of several books, including Facing the Darkness, a book that aims to support those going through depression and crisis.

Find out more on her website.


16:00- Supporting People with Disabilities in the Pagan Community with the Pagan Federation's Disabilities Team


Join members of the Pagan Federation's disabilities team for a discussion on how disabilities, both mental and physical, can affect the ways in which Pagans are able to celebrate their beliefs. Find out how the Pagan Federation’s Disabilities Team is trying to support those with disabilities and what they're doing to help people access the Pagan community.
Find out more on their website!


17:00 - Be Careful Out There with Mike Styal

Join Mike Stygal for a discussion on safety in the Pagan and Heathen community. A space to discuss issues and plans for how those issues might be addressed.

Mike was previously the president of the Pagan Federation, and continues to work with them as a community support officer.


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