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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Look out for...

There are various activities and entertainments that don't fit into our regular programme. Have a look below and keep an eye out for them!


The Meditative Tree-sure Hunt

At this year's festival, head to the Info Point and pick up an entry-sheet to join in with the Tree-sure Hunt! Fun for all ages!

This is an interactive meditative walk & treasure hunt that you can join in with at any point during the festival (until we run out of entry sheets!). You'll start at Info Point, and need to solve clues to find the next tree in the series, then the next, and the next etc. Along the way you'll collect letters which will make up a pass phrase- complete this on your entry form and hand it back in at the Info Point to collect a small sweet treat.

More importantly, each tree in the hunt will have an information sheet, telling you all about that particular tree, its history in this land, its uses and spiritual aspects, as well as giving you a couple of questions to reflect and meditate on, which will tie into the information given.

This is a great chance to engage with the beautiful Arboretum where Pagan Pride UK is held, as well as with the event itself. It's a chance to appreciate it, learn more about it, and a great opportunity for some reflection too.

It's a fantastic adventure for everyone, whether you'd like to teach your kids more about the natural world around them, or take a break from the festivities to have a walk and do some reflecting. So be sure to stop in at the Info Point on the day!

A big thank you to Matt Arnold who designed and arranged the walk.


Nenedhel Absynthium

‬Look out below! Keep an eye out for Nenedhel Absynthium, stilt walker extraordinaire. 

Nenedhel has been training and performing various circus arts for a few years now, and has a special love of Ariel Arts like silks, trapeze, cloud swing and Ariel net. Recently, she’s also started training in contortion and other ground-based acts. 

She works for CircusMash as a costumer and performer and has performed at many events, such as Dubs in the Middle. At Pagan Pride UK, she’ll be donning her stilts and walking amongst our guests in one of her fantastical costumes.


Robin Hood & his Merry Men in their Living History camp

If you head into the trees near the Marketplace, you may find Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who'll be setting up camp at Pagan Pride UK! Visit Tony Rotherham and his crew to learn more about what life would have been like in the forest back then, and find out all about the legend of Robin Hood.

Be sure to check out Tony Rotherham's talk at the Green Man Tree too!



We're thrilled this year to be hosting real-life mermaids Lily-Rose, Sirena Ocean and Aura Belle! They'll be doing meet & greets at the Family Fun Area for our younger guests, as well as singing at the Arts Tent, but they may appear elsewhere during the day so if you'd like a photograph with a mermaid, and find one combing their hair or greeting guests, just ask nicely.

* Please don't bother the mermaids while they're eating, resting, or talking to seagulls!


The Quiet Space

While the Pagan Pride UK festival’s atmosphere is always positive and celebratory, we understand that at times it can be a little overwhelming to some of our guests. That’s why this year, we’ve created the Quiet Space.

This is simply a smaller venue set a little apart from the noisier areas of the park, where anyone who would like to take some time to ground and centre, can go. Inside will be a few aids to mindfulness and calm, and plenty of space.

Guests are welcome to visit the Quiet Space whenever they feel the need, and children are also welcome as long as they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note however that this is not a supervised venue, and anyone who needs medical aid should go to the first aid point, or, if that is difficult, ask the nearest marshal to summon assistance.

Other excellent spaces to visit when in need of a little peace and quiet include the Arts Tent between performances, and the Arboretum's beautiful aviary and flower gardens.


Dance at the Stage

Our Stage is full of rocking bands and awesome musicians, but did you know we also have dancers performing between sets? Check out who'll be there this year. (And don't forget to visit the Dance Arena for even more dance!)

Have a shimmy with Seliya! (1pm & 2pm)

Join the graceful and beautiful Seliya for an intro to bellydance that you'll never forget!

Seliya's been shimmying for over thirteen years, combining a hefty dose of talent with her boundless energy and passion for Greek, Turkish and Lebanese bellydance! Finding her inspiration in music, she tends to let it lead her where she will - which often appears to result in epic sword battles with inflatable foes, discovering of rare breeds of cake and dancing till dawn. She loves any excuse to wear sequins while the sun's still up.


Tribal bellydance by Koyuki! (3:15pm)

Koyuki and their fantastic drummers will enthrall you with their spectacular improvised tribal dance! 

Koyuki Tribal (the new name of Nottingham Tribal Bellydance) study Fat Chance Belly Dance, a form of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, performed by dancers all over the world.

Often unnoticed because of the elaborate costumes, fancy steps, exciting music, and sheer beauty of women dancing together, are the formations and cues which are the anchor of improvisational choreography as practised by dance groups like Koyuki.


Excited? Wondering what else is on? Find out here!