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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Volunteering FAQs

Heard about our fab marshal team and want to get involved? Or maybe you saw them in action at a previous festival and want to find out more? You've come to the right place! Scroll down for a list of our frequently asked questions!


What does being a Marshal involve?

Our marshal team make the festival happen! When you arrive at the arboretum to start for the day, you'll be met and briefed by our Chief Marshal, who'll give you your lunch voucher and personal timetable, showing your duties, breaks etc. Our marshals take on a variety of duties across the festival, including:

- Greeting guests and handing out programmes

- Setting up and taking down venues

- Decorating and litterpicking

- Working with our bands as part of the Stage Crew*

- Greeting and introducing our acts at the Speakers' venues

- Facepainting* or helping with other activities at our family area

- Directing traders

- Escorting the parade

- Working at our Info Point

- Event Photography* or filming*

And much more!

* These tasks are usually done by volunteers with skills or previous experience in that area. You can record on your sign up form if you're interested in these roles.


Sounds great! How do I volunteer?

Complete your sign-up form and our Chief Marshal will be in touch with information within a month or two of the festival.


I'd like to volunteer but I'd like to enjoy the festival too. Can I volunteer for part of the day?

There are two options for volunteering: Parade only (10am-1pm) and All Day (8am to 8pm).

Parade only: If you're a parade only marshal you'll be helping to assemble the parade at the gathering point, then escorting it up to the arboretum, helping everyone to enjoy the march and stay safe. Once the parade has arrived at the arboretum and guests have assembled for the opening blessing, you will be debriefed by our Chief Marshal before you head off to enjoy the festival in the knowledge of a job well done.

All Day: If you've signed up to be an all day marshal, first of all THANK YOU. We know it's a big committment. You'll be on site from set up to pack down, along with our organisation team. We'll reward you with a free lunch, regular breaks to enjoy the festival and one of our special purple t-shirts to wear during the day, which you can buy at a big discount if you want to keep it after the festival. Only our volunteers have these t-shirts so they're a great way to remember your day.

Some of our amazing traders have also offered a discount to marshals. You'll be given a list of these on the day, so that you can pay a visit (if you like) during one of your breaks!



Do I need any specific skills or experience?

No. All you need is to sign up and show up on the day with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

However, there are a few roles that require specific skills or experience, such as being part of the stage crew or doing the event photography. We'll be recruiting volunteers for these roles from those who indicated their interest and experience on their sign up forms.


What are the benefits of being a Marshal?

First up is knowing you played a huge part in making the event a success, giving our guests a fantastic day of fun and celebration and helping to promote awareness and accurate representation of modern Paganism. We'll also reward All Day volunteers with a free lunch from our staff food bar which will be available all day, and one of our special purple t-shirts to wear all day and purchase at a huge discount after the festival if you choose. You'll also get a discount at selected trader stalls, where the trader has been generous enough to offer one.

All volunteers will get free entry to our rockin' afterparty.



I'd love to volunteer but I'm worried about coming alone/working on my own. Will I meet people there?

Upon arrival you'll meet with the rest of our volunteers at our staff HQ for a comprehensive briefing and then you'll be paired up with a 'buddy' to work with during the day. Our Chief Marshal will be on hand at HQ all day should you have any questions or concerns or if you need support in dealing with an issue.


I'm not Pagan but I'd like to help out. Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! We welcome volunteers of all religious/spiritual beliefs (or none) who support the aims of Pagan Pride UK.


I have a disability; can I volunteer?

We welcome applications from people of all abilities. If you have a disability that you'd like to tell us about or would like to discuss adaptions that might help you take part (such as a reduced shift, stationary duties etc), please include details on your sign up form and our Chief Marshal will be in touch.


How old do I have to be to be a marshal?

All marshals need to be eighteen or over.


I've applied to volunteer. When will I hear something?

As soon as we have something to tell you! Our Chief Marshal will be working hard with our organisation team to recruit volunteers and ensure our marshals will have a great day. Please be assured that if you've submitted your sign-up form then you'll be contacted in due course- and remember to check your spam/junk folder! Sometimes our e-mails end up there. If you indicated a that you have a disablity which may affect your day with us, our Chief Marshal may get in touch with you earlier to discuss it. If you'd have any questions that aren't answered here, you can contact our Chief Marshal at


I've applied to volunteer but it's June/July and I haven't heard anything yet. What do I do?

Our e-mails sometimes go into people's junk/spam folders. Please check and if you can't see anything from our Chief Marshal, send her an e-mail at