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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Performers’ FAQ

Are you a talented performer, speaker, musician, or workshop leader keen to at Pagan Pride UK, but eager to find out more first? Then this is the page for you! Check out our FAQs below!

Do I have to be Pagan to perform at the festival?

Not at all! The Pagan Pride UK festival is open to everyone who wants to celebrate with the UK Pagan community. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Pagan, Pagan-curious or Pagan-friendly, as long as you are full of enthusiasm and want to share your skills with the community.

I haven’t performed at a festival before, but I’m bursting with talent and keen to participate! Can I apply?

Absolutely. We’ve had many speakers, dancers etc. making their debut performances at Pagan Pride UK over the years. Several performers have even told us that performing at the festival gave them the boost they needed to go on and perform elsewhere.

 What kind of performers are you looking for?

Most kinds! We’re happy to consider any act, but are mainly in need of:

  • Bands and musicians, including acoustic musicians.
  • Speakers on Pagan or Pagan-related subjects. This can include talks on lived experiences, discussion groups, interfaith, diversity within the community, mythology etc.
  • Workshop leaders: Workshops can be on any subject the Pagan community is likely to find interesting, e.g. meditation, witchcraft, wandmaking etc. as well as dance & exercise related workshops (these do not need to be related to Paganism).
  • Dancers: Soloists, duets and groups are all welcome to apply, in any family-friendly style. Previously we’ve had bellydancers, hoop dancers, medieval and morris dancers, plus samba, Irish dance, etc.
  • Family Entertainers
  • Storytellers
  • Walkabout Performers
  • Performance Artists, short plays, poets, etc. for our Arts Tent.

Have something else in mind? Just tell us about your act on the application form.

Do you pay performers?

Pagan Pride UK is a non-profit community organisation and our festival is entirely free to guests. This means that everyone who takes part does so as a volunteer, from the organisation team to the marshals to the performers. We understand that giving a performance requires a lot of time, effort and skill, and that some performers are not able to donate their time freely. We are exceptionally grateful to those that can and do.

In return, we work hard to ensure that our performers have a fantastic day, and hope that the knowledge that they have done something wonderful for the community, and the memories they take away with them, makes the effort feel worth it.

Do you book burlesque performances, gory storytelling and other adult-themed acts?

Unfortunately we’re unable to book exclusively adult performances, and all acts must be family-friendly. It’s fine to give a talk, or tell stories etc. aimed at adults, as long as it’s friendly to the ears of our younger guests.

The one exception to this are the bands we book for the afterparty, which takes place at an 18+ venue.

If I'm booked to perform, will you promote me/share my website & social media etc.?

Yes! We make time to individually promote performers on our social media, as well as listing each performer/act on our website, with their links and a bio.

How do I apply?

Head over here and complete the application form. Easy peasy.

When will I hear whether my application's been successful or not?

We'll let everyone know by the end of April. Usually much sooner than that, but give us till then to be sure. If you haven't heard anything by the end of April, e-mail us at

Ready to apply? Head to the application form now and send us your details!