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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Guest FAQ

First time at the Pagan Pride UK festival? We wrote an FAQ just for you, covering some of the many questions we often get asked.

Basic Information

How do I get there?

Head to this page and you’ll find all your travel queries answered!

I'm traveling a long distance and need to stay overnight. Can you recommend somewhere?

We can’t make a specific recommendation, but Nottingham is full of hotels and B & Bs! This website has details of many of then.

How can I find out what's on at the festival?

Check out the programme online and be sure to get your free printed copy on the day from a marshal! We'd also suggest joining the event on Facebook for regular updates.

Is there a cashpoint near to the festival site? 

The nearest cashpoint is about ten minutes walk from the Arboretum (depending on your walking speed/mobility), so we recommend bringing whatever money you need with you. Some traders may accept card and even PayPal payments, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Are there toilets on site?

Yes, there will be plenty of portaloos on site, including disabled toilets, and these will be marked on the map in your programmes.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! Pagan Pride UK is a family-friendly festival, and there’s even a special family fun area packed with toys and activities for our younger guests. Please be aware though that this isn’t a creche and children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved dogs are welcome, but please keep them on their leads.

Is the festival for Pagans only? 

Not at all! Anyone who wants to come and celebrate with the UK Pagan community is welcome to join us.

Is the festival really free?

Yes! There’s no entry charge, and no fee for any of the entertainments on offer, be it a talk, workshop, watching the live music or our fantastic dancers. Just bring a few pennies for the market, to get something to eat and drink, and perhaps to get your child’s (or your) face painted if you feel like it.  

I'm a member of the press/media or a blogger and I'd like to interview someone from Pagan Pride UK. Can that be arranged?

Very probably! Head to Media Inquiries to find out about our experienced team for pre-festival interviews, or e-mail us at to arrange an interview slot at the festival.

I have another general question that you haven't answered here.

We’re happy to help however we can! Please e-mail us at


The Pagan Pride UK Organisation

Is Pagan Pride UK run by some mega-corporation?

No! It’s run by the organisation team: a group of 6-8 volunteers who work hard all year to plan the festival. On the day this team is assisted by our fantastic marshals, incredible folk who donate their time and talents to provide an amazing day for the community. Performers likewise donate their time and talent free of charge. Find out more about us here.

How do you keep the festival free?

Our wonderful traders and vendors pay a fee for their pitches, and that money is channeled into the festival. Funds are also raised through smaller events throughout the year, through donations made at the festival (do drop some pennies in an orange bucket!) and through sale of our fantastic merchandise. We also have a few sponsors, such as Castle Rock who provide the bar on the day.

This all sounds great! How can I help?

Thank you! The best way to help is by volunteering as a marshal which you can do on here. You can also buy our fabulous merchandise, share our events and posts, and of course, come along to the festival! And there's a Donate button on our website if you'd like to give money to help make the event happen.



I’m a blue-badge holder; can I park on site?

When we are booking blue badge parking spaces, you can apply here. If the form is closed because we've run out, we have a couple of other suggestions.

1)    If you’re attending with a friend, family member or carer who is driving, then your driver can arrange to drop you off on site, before leaving to park nearby. After the end of the festival, they can drive back on to collect you. Please e-mail our Site Manager at to arrange this.

2)    The Forest Park and Ride is only ten minutes walk from the Arboretum and parking there is free. There is also a fantastic tram service from there, which will pick you up at the Park and Ride, and drop you off a minute later at The High School stop, which is directly outside the Arboretum. The trams have plenty of space for buggies and wheelchairs, both visual and audible announcements, clear markings and low floors. Find out more at:

I am disabled/have a long term illness and I’m worried about accessibility. How easy is it to get around the park?

There are paths all over the arboretum. You may need to go over grass to get to certain venues, but this should not be for a long distance. A site map of the arboretum can be found on Nottingham City Council’s website, and on programmes on the day.

My illness or disability means that sometimes I find being in crowds difficult. What can I do if I need to take some time out?

While the Pagan Pride UK festival’s atmosphere is always positive and celebratory, we understand that at times it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why this year, we’ve created the Quiet Space.

This is simply a smaller venue set a little apart from the noisier areas of the park, where anyone who would like to take some time to ground and centre, can go. Inside will be a few aids to mindfulness and calm, and plenty of space.

Guests are welcome to visit the Quiet Space whenever they feel the need, and children are also welcome as long as they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note however that this is not a supervised venue, and anyone who needs medical aid should go to the first aid point, or, if that is difficult, ask the nearest marshal to summon assistance.

Another excellent space to visit when in need of a little peace and quiet are the Arboretum's beautiful aviary and flower gardens.

What if I/my family member/friend needs medical assistance?

The first aid station will be clearly marked on maps. If you or the person in need of help is unable to get there, please tell the nearest marshal (there will be many around) and we’ll send someone out to you.

I want to volunteer on the day but I have a disability which means I may need a stationary post/regular breaks/a shorter day/other adaptions. Who can I talk to?

Contact our Chief Marshal, at and she'll be happy to discuss this with you. Or just note your disability and needs when you sign up and she'll be in touch.

I have another question related to accessibility that isn’t answered here.

We’re happy to help however we can! Please e-mail us at