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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Who are Pagan Pride?

Pagan Pride is a non-profit organisation created to highlight the role of the Pagan community in today’s society, by establishing a presence and bringing people together from the vast spectrum of paths within Paganism. Whilst being mainly a Pagan event Pagan Pride is open to all individuals who wish to support us, and the ethic of religious tolerance regardless of faith or personal views.  Pagan Pride as an event is family friendly; people of all ages attend, and our aims are to support this level of diversity.

Additional to these main aims and in conjunction with other Pagan organisations, like The Pagan Federation, The Centre for Pagan Studies, The Doreen Valiente Foundation, and The Druid Network, to name a few, we hope support the established community as well as those who are just discovering Paganism, and all who wish to be known and accepted as Pagan by raising awareness of our beliefs and spiritual practise, including information on the recent Census, to hopefully gain accurate representation of British Pagans. We also support the Pagans in their community, with information, advice, raising awareness and matters of discrimination.  If you have any issues please get in touch.

We are based in Nottingham and host a variety of different events which are designed to raise awareness of modern practicing Paganism from workshops to parties to our Pagan Pride Parade held annually in August!

What’s Pagan Pride All About?

Pagan Pride is a celebration of the diversity within the Pagan community, aiming to raise awareness of our faith, beliefs and spirituality, as well as promoting positive images of witches, magical practice and all things Pagan. Oh, and it’s also about having fun, whether young, old or in-between!

Whilst Pagan Pride is based in the East Midlands and the event takes place in Nottingham, our aim is to encourage and include participation from Pagans living across the UK. Everyone is welcome to celebrate with us and show support in a positive way.  We want every Pagan, regardless of where they live to be able to attend a Pagan Pride Celebration, to benefit from the community and support of meeting others, and this is why it’s important to us the event remains free!


Why have a ‘Pride’ day for Paganism?

It’s important to us to be accurately represented, not just in the media, but also within the minds of the public.  Pagans & Witches are NOT “devil-worshipers”, we do not meet in secret places with dark intentions, Modern Paganism is about living “green”, being in tune with your environment, honouring the cycle of nature and worshiping our chosen deities in all their forms.

Witchcraft is an empowering form of prayer not to be dismissed and those who use it are no longer willing to be sidelined and mocked for its practice, as it forms a valid part of Pagan worship.


green man maskWe are now at a time in British Pagan history where the practise of witchcraft has been legal for 60 years and we have at least 3 generations of Pagans & Witches who have been ‘out’ about their faith.  However it’s not been easy, and even today in what we consider a more tolerant age there are some Pagans who still meet resistance, prejudice and fear when declaring their religion.

As an organisation, Pagan Pride feels it’s time to break the final taboo and be the public face of Paganism presenting a modern and realistic image of today’s UK Pagan community with our vibrant open celebrations.


National Pride…
Our Vision is to hold several events in key locations across the UK, perhaps not on the same day – between 1st Aug – 30th Sept allowing for regional variety and the opportunity for people to attend more than one event, creating a ‘season’ of festival events for the summer!

These major events shall each host a street parade followed by a festival gathering and share promotion and resources, and liaise with Pagan Pride Central in the running of the event. If you want to get involved in running a Pagan Pride event – please get in touch!


Any queries please contact us