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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
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Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Dance Arena 2016

Beautiful performances and the chance to try something new!

Our Dance Arena always has a fantastic community vibe and tends to be a gathering point for all those who love the bright, sparkly or dramatic!

There’ll also be FREE workshops running where you’ll have the chance to try dance styles for yourself! There's no need to book, just show up at the dance arena and join in! We'll have experienced workshop leaders running beginner-level throughout the day. All workshops are open to everyone, beginners or regular dancers, any age, any gender!

This year's Dance Arena is hosted by Black Veil Tribal!


13:00 - Opening Show

This show will include performances from the following:

Black Veil Tribal

Black Veil Tribal are a Welsh bellydance troupe dedicated to Improvisational Tribal Style belly dance in various forms from the BlackSheep bellydance format to gothic improv and back again. They regularly perform in Wales and elsewhere in the UK, as well as hosting their own events.



“Imagine this: there was a time in history, a long time ago, when the bounce and sway of a woman's hips was considered so beautiful that they set it to music and made a dance out of it...”

Koyuki Tribal study Fat Chance Belly Dance, a form of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, performed by dancers all over the world. .
Often unnoticed because of the elaborate costumes, fancy steps, exciting music, and sheer beauty of women dancing together, are the formations and cues which are the anchor of improvisational choreography as practised by dance groups like Koyuki.

Koyuki Tribal is the new name of Nottingham Tribal Belly Dance. This change marks a new and exciting journey for the dance school!


Cherry Acacia

Cherry Acacia are tribal belly dance duo from Nottingham. The duo met at Black Peacock Belly Dance back in 2014 and began performing together this year.

Based on the Blacksheep Bellydance format, their pieces include both choreographed and improvised sections to form a fun, elegant and enchanting tribal dance that’s never the same twice.

Drawn to the darkside of dance, Acacia regularly performs her uniquely-crafted routines at haflas and events around Nottingham. Her dance and musical choices reflect strong Gothic influences, and her performances are imbued with aspects of tribal fusion. A skilled choregrapher and accomplished dancer, she’ll be performing both with Cherry and as a soloist at Pagan Pride UK 2016. As well as dancing solo and with Cherry Acacia, she performs with Black Peacock Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion troupe Pavonix.

Cherry originally began her dance career as a burlesque artiste, performing in venues like Alea Casino, The Bodega and at Rock City. Since joining Black Peacock Belly Dance in 2014, she’s become proficient in the Blacksheep Bellydance format and now performs at a variety of haflas and other events. Her work is infused with circus and cabaret influences, and like Acacia, she’s skilled in both choreographed and improvised dance. This will be her third time performing at Pagan Pride UK.

As a duet, Cherry Acacia fuse their styles create pieces that are both technically brilliant and artistically beautiful.


Tsukiko Tribal

Tsukiko Tribal are a fantastic bellydance troupe based in Sheffield, UK, who perform American Tribal Style bellydance (ATS). They are led by the extraordinarily talented Halima Sagira who runs the Tsukiko Tribal FCBD® sister studio.

These dancers were brought together by a shared love of the beautiful art form that is American Tribal Style.They believe in dance for the love of it and for the joy of sharing it with other people.

ATS is a form of improvisational belly dance created by Carolena Nericcio (Director of Fat Chance Belly Dance®). Though they perform in synch, there is no choreography; instead dancers signal the next move to each other via subtle cues. This means that each performance is organic, fluid and entirely unique, and results in mesmerizing displays.

Halima Sagira teaches regular monthly workshops in ATS Belly dance. Find out more at:



Tatiana is one of the leaders of ABC Dance School. A fiery, stlylish and dynamic dancer, she regularly performs both as a soloist and with her troupe, Daughters of Farah. She teaches and leads a group of perfomers in the Nottingham Carnival each year, bringing her vibrant dance to this wonderful event.

ABC Dance School is a local dance and fitness school in Nottingham providing the community with fun and energizing classes, including: bellydance, dance Brasil, Zumba, Pound Fit and more. During the day, Tatiana and her colleague Gil Santos will be teaching workshops in Zumba and samba, to give you the chance to try out these fantastic forms of dance for yourself!


Celtic Rose Dance School

Celtic Rose are a traditional Irish dancing troupe with a twist. This small school loves to perform and showcase their dancing, and have previously toured with Riverdance. They have performed all over Yorkshire and at festivals elsewhere, and will be bringing their fantasitc, upbeat dance to this year's festival.


Cherry Twirls

Cherry Twirls is an up-and-coming Hoop Artist whose passion for hooping shines through her every performance! Originally drawn to the art through her love of mandalas and sacred geometry, she was further enthralled by performers like Tiana Zourner, Rachel Lust, and Emma Kenna, and quickly began her hooping journey.

A self-taught hooper, Cherry learned most of her tricks from YouTube and online mentors, before joining the Nottingham hoop community and then the Sparkle Hoop troupe, who’ll also be performing at Pagan Pride UK. She’s grown to love contrast in her routines, mixing quick breaks with tricks that seem to ‘float’ the hoop, along with flowing moves like the ‘Continuous Escalator’. Her dream is to one day nail the ‘Pizza Toss’, a gravity-defying trick that will one day be hers.

Cherry finds hooping a fantastic antidote to stress, a constant provider of smiles and a boost to mental and physical health. She would urge anyone interested to give it a go, and documents her inspiring journey over on Instagram.


13:45 - Samba workshop with Gil Santos

Come and learn some of the steps from Brazilian Carnival with Gil Santos. Moves are hot, sexy and fun!


14:30 - Dru Yoga workshop with Bridie of Black Veil Tribal

Dru yoga emphasises a soft, gentle approach to the physical movements, performed slowly and sometimes with many repetitions.

When practising Dru yoga, we direct our awareness to that place inside ourselves, called the Dhruvakasha, or Dru point, which is still and spacious. A place we can go to where we can reconnect with our inner strength and tranquillity no matter what is happening around us. It is the Eye of the Hurricane, or the Heart of the Darkness.

This still point is reached through the combination of movement and breath with visualisation and affirmation. In this place of stillness we can become aware of the levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This awareness allows us to identify, integrate and heal those parts of ourselves that may have been neglected or have become fragmented.

Bridie is an experienced Dru Yoga and Bellydance teacher, with many years experience. As well as leading Black Veil Tribal and being one of the organisers of Gothla UK, she runs Dru Yoga and Yoga in Black workshops across the UK.


15:15 - Midday Show

This show will include performances from the following:

Queen Cobra

Quirky Queen Cobra first developed an interest (read: insatiable appetite) for bellydance eleven years ago, after being inspired to look into it by her grandmother—who’s been instructing her in the art of performance and stagecraft since she was small! The family talent’s clearly strong in Queen Cobra, whose Egyptian and Cabaret Bellydance performances have delighted and amazed audiences around Nottingham and elsewhere, whether she's performing as a solo artist or leading her troupe, Cobra Mystique!

Though she’s been ‘going steady’ with Egyptian bellydance for some time now, Queen Cobra picks up inspiration from all dance forms including classical music and rock! As any fans of her performances will know, her dance tends to tell a story- driven by characters as fantastical and wonderful as she is.




Sparkle Hoop

This vibrant hoop troupe was formed by Emma of Hoop Nottingham in 2016, and they'll be performing their choreographed routine of circus tricks! Full of energy and talent, this will be their first public performance.


Celtic Rose Dance School


15:45 - Hula Hooping For Everyone Workshop with Emma of Hoop Dance Nottingham

Always fancied trying this fun circus art? Now you can!

Emma will take you through the very basics of hooping at the waist, how to 'save the hoop ' if it starts to drop back down & how to do some turns & spins! Then she'll teach you a few fancy circus tricks so you can impress your friends! Hoops are provided so come along and give it a go!


16:30 - Zumba Workshop With Tatiana of ABC Dance School

Zumba is a Latin fitness programme suitable for all ages and fitness levels, providing a relaxed and fun workout, which is great for toning and burning calories. Come and dance with Tatiana and her crew to the caliente sound of music from all around the world. No dance experience required, just a big smile and a desire to enjoy yourself.


17:00 Closing Show

This show will include performances from the following:




Zubaidah are bellydance troupe from Sheffield lead by Lynne Fletcher. They perform a variety of styles from traditional to rock tribal fusion.


Emma of Hoop Dance Nottingham

Originally from Bristol where there is a large vibrant circus community, Emma went to her first hula hooping lesson taught by Zoe Pither in 2009. Enjoying the social screen surrounding hula hooping as much as the circus & dancing itself, Emma continued hooping as a hobby, attending workshops & eventually facilitating opportunities for other Hoopers to meet & have fun by entering Sparkle Hoop Troupe in the St. Paul's Carnival Masquerade in 2013 & 2014.

While living in Bristol she regularly worked as a circus walkabout performer in Lakota, The Lanes & for Mr. Whompy with Iris West. In 2015 she joined the UK Fireworks Collective to perform in the conclave at Burning Man & at the Secret Garden Party. Emma continues to do fire, LED, & cabaret acts at festivals & local events, does workshops for hen parties & children's parties and also teaches regular weekly hula hooping lessons for beginners in Nottingham. Search Facebook for: Hoop Dance Nottingham to find out more.




Hoochie Kuchi

Ilkeston's only bellydance troupe, a fun and colourful group who perform a variety of styles but who focus on Gypsy bellydance.



Livia is from London and performs with her dance group, the Elementals. Each dancer represents an element and do tricks/stunts appropriate to that element.


Cobra Mystique

A stunning Egyptian and Cabaret bellydance troupe, who perform professionally at venues around Nottingham.


Sisters of Tribellica

A Sheffield-based alternative bellydance troupe that perform to a diverse selection of music, who dance at a range of events throughout the region.



This debut duet were drawn together by their love of Blacksheep bellydance and heavy music! Join Kezia and Acacia for beautiful dance with an alternative vibe!

Kezia began her dance career five years ago with a foray into gypsy tribal bellydance. Training with an instructor who'd studied dark fusion with UK dance legends Alexis Southall and Bex Priest, their styles had a heavy influence on Kezia, who later began studying Blacksheep Bellydance and then Tribal Fusion. Her idols are Zoe Jakes, Alexis Southall, Ansuya and Rachel Brice and she performs with Black Peacock Bellydance, Pavonix and as a solo performer, and now with Acacia as the Magpies.

Drawn to the darkside of dance, Acacia regularly performs her uniquely-crafted routines at haflas and events around Nottingham. Her dance and musical choices reflect strong Gothic influences, and her performances are imbued with aspects of tribal fusion. A skilled choregrapher and accomplished dancer, she’ll be performing both with Cherry and as a soloist at Pagan Pride UK 2016. As well as dancing solo and with Cherry Acacia, she performs with Black Peacock Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion troupe Pavonix.


This show will be followed by free dance time, where all guests are welcome to come and have a shimmy!

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Wondering what else is on? Find out here!


*Please note that all performances and workshops may be subject to change.