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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Dance Arena 2017

Beautiful performances and the chance to try something new!

Our Dance Arena always has a fantastic community vibe and tends to be a gathering point for all those who love the bright, sparkly or dramatic!

There’ll also be FREE workshops running where you’ll have the chance to try dance styles for yourself! There's no need to book, just show up at the dance arena and join in! We'll have experienced workshop leaders running beginner-level throughout the day. All workshops are open to everyone, beginners or regular dancers, any age, any gender!



13:00 - Opening Show

This show will include performances from the following:

Amber Birch

Amber Birch is a Nottinghamshire-based bellydance troupe led by Amanda Jowett. They perform Paulette Rees-Denis' Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® format, a modern, improvised form of dance that leads to spontaneous and exciting performances!

Amanda is certified in Collective Soul levels one, two and three, and runs classes in Beeston. Find out more on their website or Facebook page.

Cherry Twirls

An up-and-coming star in the Nottingham Hoop scene, Cherry Twirls made her performance debut at last year’s festival and since then she’s been visiting festivals and events across the UK, from Mofest to Glastonbury, as well as hooping in a number of well-known local events like the Hockley Hustle and Steampunk Christmas Market.

Cherry’s art will keep you on your toes, enthralled as she mixes smooth and slow isolations with quick breaks and rapid transitions. She trains hours a day to develop her dance, jamming with the circus community, doing workshops with hooping legends, and entertaining her cat with crazy human hooping antics.

Passionate about the mind-and-body benefits of hooping, Cherry loves sharing the hoop-love, so it’s no surprise that she’s recently started teaching others how to make ‘sacred circles’ as she does. She even makes hoops herself, since they weren’t arriving fast enough in the mail. She'll be running a hooping workshop during the festival so be sure to check it out!

Cherry finds hooping a fantastic antidote to stress, a constant provider of smiles and a boost to mental and physical health. She would urge anyone interested to give it a go, and documents her inspiring journey over on Instagram or find her on Facebook.

Lady Viper

Catch Lady Viper performing not one but two of her mesmerizing silk fan dance routines for this fantastic event. The absolutely gorgeous long silk material is the same color as fire, and the fans are absolutely mesmerizing and fascinating to watch as they glide and ripple through the air.

The 'Spirit of the Golden Sands' show  fuses together the gothic subculture and old Arabia. The 'Whispers of the Moon' show has more of an ethereal and mystical feel to it. Ready to call upon and embrace the magic of the moon?

Lady Viper is very excited to be bringing these two routines to Pagan Pride UK and to perform for you. Find her on Facebook or on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Fletch Photography

Bianca Darkwood

Bianca Darkwoods is a tribal fusion dancer, deeply inspired in her performances by shamanism, mythology and witchcraft. She has travelled to international dance and music festivals in the last few years and she is incredibly grateful to participate to her first event within the pagan community. For Bianca dancing is a form of intimacy between her body, spirit and space. Through her performances, she wants to reveal the beautiful wilderness hidden within the human being.

Nenedhel Absynthium

Join this whimisical, mystical performer for an amazing poi performance!

Nenedhel has been training and performing various circus arts for a few years now, and has a special love of Ariel Arts like silks, trapeze, cloud swing and Ariel net. Recently, she’s also started training in contortion and other ground-based acts. 

She works for CircusMash as a costumer and performer and has performed at many events, such as Dubs in the Middle. Elsewhere at Pagan Pride UK, she’ll be donning her stilts and walking amongst our guests in one of her fantastical costumes.

Find her on Facebook!

Marie Fox

Marie is an Appalachian dancer and part of the group, Restless Soles Derby. She'll show you some of the basics of flatfooting to old time American music.

Capoeira Nottingham

Capoeira is a Brazilian sport, combining dance, martial arts, acrobatics and live music. Capoeira Nottingham will do a performance to show you what it's all about, and let you know how you can give it a go yourself.

Check out their website, or look them up on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (@cdonotts) to find out more!


13:45 - The Secrets of ATS® with Sandra of the Moonhares (Workshop)

Join Sandra of Moonhare (ATS®) Tribal Bellydance to learn a few of the secrets behind American Tribal Style® bellydance. Everyone is welcome and no previous dance experience is required. No need to book either, just show up!


14:30 - Self Express through Dance with Gaynor Fairweather (Workshop)

Join Gaynor Fairweather for an open workshop that aims to help guests use intuitive emotional responses, along with music and visualisation techniques, to tap into creative aspects of their nature, and even to enter a light trance state. This can help to release stress and tension, and aid relaxation.

Everyone welcome!


15:15 - Midday Show

This show will include performances from the following:

Cherry Twirls

Cobra Mystique

A stunning Egyptian and Cabaret bellydance troupe, who perform professionally at venues around Nottingham.

The Moonhares

Moonhare (ATS®) Tribal Bellydance are based in Spondon near Derby and have been learning and performing this beautiful improvised dance format for two and a half years. Founded and taught by Sandra Freeman they are happy to be making their Pagan Pride debut this year. 

Sisters of Tribellica

A Sheffield-based alternative bellydance troupe that perform to a diverse selection of music, who dance at a range of events throughout the region.


15:45 - Rockabilly and Vintage Dance Workshop with Ami of Black Velvet Dance

Are you a fan of vintage dance? From the Charleston to Rockabilly, join Ami to learn some of the 'strolls' of styles from decades past, that are still being performed at festivals and conventions today!

Learn from the rebels of the 50s and 60s, and embrace Rockabilly! Think hot rods, bikes, big quiffs and pin-up tattoos as you try out this fun and energising dance to rock-n-roll music with a bluegrass/hillybilly influence.

Then head back to the 1920s to try the Charleston!

The workshop is open to everyone of all ages and levels of experience, and there's no need to book, just turn up and dance!



16:30 - Hooping for Beginners with Cherry Twirls

Hooping is a fantastic, energising pastime that can have a big impact on health and happiness! Have a go at this beginners' hoop workshop, run by the inspirational Cherry Twirls, with demos by Rochene the Urban Hooper. Hoops will be provided and everyone is welcome.


17:00 Closing Show

This show will include performances from the following:

Sisters of Tribellica

Lady Viper


“Imagine this: there was a time in history, a long time ago, when the bounce and sway of a woman's hips was considered so beautiful that they set it to music and made a dance out of it...”

Yakshini study Fat Chance Belly Dance, a form of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, performed by dancers all over the world.
Often unnoticed because of the elaborate costumes, fancy steps, exciting music, and sheer beauty of women dancing together, are the formations and cues which are the anchor of improvisational choreography as practised by dance groups like Yakshini.

Pure Bellydance

Pure Belly Dance, run by Patricia, is a bellydance school based in Nottingham. They focus on developing dance technique and inspire people in the art of Middle Eastern dance. Catch these beautiful performers at this year's Dance Arena and find them on Facebook!

Bianca Darkwoods

The Diamond Dancers

Dance duet by Gaynor Fairweather and Judith Overton, who perform dance styles in an unconventional way. Their styles include bellydance, medieval dance and cabaret gypsy style. Gaynor Fairweather will also be teaching a workshop at 2.30pm on imaginative and improvised movement.


Seliya is a Pagan Pride UK favourite and regularly performs with her dance-partner-in-crime, Queen Cobra. Skilled in Egyptian and Cabaret bellydance, she has performed at events and venues around the midlands.


This show will be followed by free dance time, where all guests are welcome to come and have a shimmy!

Want to get involved and be part of making Pagan Pride UK 2017 happen? Volunteer now!

Wondering what else is on? Find out here!


*Please note that all performances and workshops may be subject to change.