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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Pagan Pride Community Area 2017

Pagan Pride is all about community, not just the local and wider Pagan community but also the place that Pagans take in the wider community. We've created a special area of the festival to celebrate and explore these community relationships where there will be information, people to talk to, talks to listen to and some community stalls, both Pagan and interesting to Pagans.

This year's Community Area is hosted by the Staffordshire Pagan Conference.


Talks & Speakers

We'll be putting on short talks during the day to briefly introduce different Pagan faiths, and to give an overview of the work done by some Pagan organisations. These may be of particular interest to newcomers in the Pagan community, the Pagan-curious, and members of the public who'd like to know a little more about modern Paganism.

Here's the programme for the Community Area. Remember that you're welcome to head up there at any point to visit the stalls and talk to members of community organisations. It's also an ideal place to arrange to meet other moot members.


13:30 - Introduction to Druidry with Alex Bear

14:00 - Introduction to Wicca with Ashley Mortimer (Trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation and the Centre for Pagan Studies.)

14:30 - What is the Pagan Symposium? with Mike Stygal (Past President of the Pagan Federation, current Community Support Officer, and Symposium Member)

15:00 - What is Greenmantle? with Paul Pearson (Editor)

15:30 - Introduction to Witchcraft with Ashley Mortimer

16:00 - Introduction to Heathenry with Rich Blackett (Chair of Asatru UK)

16:30 - Introduction to Shamanism with DK Leather

Elsewhere, we'll also be hosting talks aimed at newcomers to the pagan scene on attending moots, rituals and other pagan events, as well as giving a brief overview of Paganism. These talks, along with others talks and workshops willl be held in our Speakers' Forums, the Green Man Tree and at the Rose Garden! Find out more here.



We'll have representatives from local and national Pagan organisations on hand to talk about their groups and answer your questions. Pagan Pride UK is part of the Symposium initiative we'll be inviting other members and local moots organisers to take part.

If you're new to paganism, this is the best opportunity you'll get to make contact with others and find out what's going on in the region and further afield.


Stalls & Representatives

We'll have stalls with info and goodies from a variety of pagan and wider community organisations.

Non-profit and community organisations and charities can still book a community stall here.

So come and find us on the day and find out much more about pagans, Paganism and the Pagan community! Pagan Pride UK 2017 will be on the 6th of August at the Arboretum in Nottingham. We can't wait to meet you all and please do get involved if you feel able, and lets make this our best festival yet!

(Stalls, representatives and talks may be subject to change.)