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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Arts Tent 2017

Our Arts Tent first appeared in 2014 and has been a hit every year since!

This gorgeous structure will provide a fantastic place to relax when you need a break from the busy bustle of the rest of the festival. It’ll also be home to acts from across the performance spectrum and we plan to have one or two community projects on the go there too.

The Arts Tent will be hosted this year by Corvus

We will also host a resident artist, Charlotte Thomson-Morley. You can drop in throughout the day to try some free meditative painting activties. Create your own piece of colourful, abstract, chakra inspired art to take home. An intuitive, expressive, mindful and relaxing exploration of the chakras using watercolour painting.

Complete beginners are welcome and no prior art experience is needed! Adult and kids Colouring sheets will also be available. Chill out, make art and enjoy the entertainment.


The Arts Tent programme is as follows:

13:00 - Growing Pains

Growing Pains are a Guilty Pleasures acoustic act from Nottinghamshire, covering a range of genres from Pop punk to Jazz. Please support their dream to become the biggest band in the world ever in this specific twenty minute time slot, within a ten meter radius. Find them on Facebook.


13:30 - Kureha Odoriko

Join Kureha Odoriko for a beautiful display of Japanese classical dance, called Nihon Buyou. This dance form is influenced by Kabuki (theatre of the Edo era), Noh (theatre of the Heian era) and Kagura (sacred ritual dances of the Shinto faith.) 

These dances tell stories of love, devotion, spirits and of the beauty of the world. They are full of references to mythology and nature.

Find Kureha Odoriko on Facebook!


13:45 - Art Visualisation with Charlotte Thomson-Morley

Join PPUK's resident artist, Charlotte Thomson-Morley for an intuitive, expressive, mindful and relaxing exploration of the chakras, using watercolour painting. Create your own piece of colourful, abstract, chakra-inspired art to take home.

Complete beginners are welcome, and no prior art experience is needed.


14:30 - Kureha Odoriko

Another stunning performance of classical Japanese dance from Kureha Odoriko.


14:45 - Acacia

Enjoy a tribal fusion bellydance performance from graceful Acacia!

Drawn to the darkside of dance, Acacia regularly performs her uniquely-crafted routines at haflas and events around Nottingham. Her dance and musical choices reflect strong Gothic influences, and her performances are imbued with aspects of tribal fusion. A skilled choreographer and accomplished dancer, she also dances with Cherry Acacia, Black Peacock Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion troupe Pavonix.


15:00 - Josh Parish

JF Parish (Josh) is a Pagan/New Age instrumental music maker. He was inspired by Medwyn Goodall whilst at University in the 1990s and recorded his first album "Seas, Shores and Storms". After a long hiatus Josh made a comeback to the music scene in 2015, releasing the single "Castle on the Hill".

Following his Pagan roots he sent his music far and wide and was voted "Instrumental Artist of the year" in the United Pagan Radio music awards in 2016 where he was also nominated for best solo artist.

His second album "Tales of Olde" was released digitally in January 2017 and is an exploration of the myths and legends of the UK.

Josh hopes you enjoy his music as much as he enjoys making it! Find out more about his music on his website.


15:30 - Stand-up Comedy from Maddie Walker

Maddie gained a passion for performing and music at an early age, she spent her youth singing (an activity she continues to pursue) and went on to study Drama at The University of Birmingham. It was at university that she discovered the infamous comedy society. She had always enjoyed finding the humour in everyday life, and realised she could use her observations through comic writing, such as, sketches and short plays.

Stand-up comedy seemed like the natural progression, where Maddie could use her performance skills, as well as her comic intuition, to entertain people; something she loves to do. Since then, she has performed her stand-up at various pubs, charity events and festivals. She’s sure Pagan Pride UK will be the best event yet!


16:00 - Sky Wolf


16:15 - Joker and the Thief

Joker and the Thief is an acoustic duo, playing a mixture of classic rock, blues and indie music.


16:45 - Bellydance from Queen Cobra

Enjoy the beauty of bellydance with Queen Cobra!

Quirky Queen Cobra first developed an interest (read: insatiable appetite) for bellydance eleven years ago, after being inspired to look into it by her grandmother—who’s been instructing her in the art of performance and stagecraft since she was small! The family talent’s clearly strong in Queen Cobra, whose Egyptian and Cabaret Bellydance performances have delighted and amazed audiences around Nottingham and elsewhere, whether she's performing as a solo artist or leading her troupe, Cobra Mystique!

Though she’s been ‘going steady’ with Egyptian bellydance for some time now, Queen Cobra picks up inspiration from all dance forms including classical music and rock! As any fans of her performances will know, her dance tends to tell a story- driven by characters as fantastical and wonderful as she is.


17:00 - Kureha Odoriko

Your final opportunity of the day to see classical Japanese dance from Kureha Odoriko.


17:15 - Corvus

Corvus are an acoustic duo with neo-folk tendencies and a love of the earth, who write memorable, meaningful & melodic songs. They've performed at events up and down the country, from the Faery Festival to Staffordshire Pagan Conference to the Wandering Witches' Fair, and this year they'll be headling the Pagan Pride UK Arts Tent, as well as hosting the venue all day.

Find out more about their incredible music on their YouTube channel or find them on Facebook.