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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

The Green Man Tree

Take a seat under the Green Man Tree and while away the afternoon, listening to powerful speakers and great storytellers. Scroll down to find out who'll be there this year.


Timetable for 2018

13:00- Robin Hood, a talk by Tony Rotherham

Join actor, historian, and stunt performer Tony Rotherham for his much loved talk on Robin Hood.

Tony Rotherham has been studying the history of Robin Hood since he was eighteen years old, not just the ballads but the historical figure behind them. He has been doing lectures on this subject for about twenty years and could be called an expert in this field, although he would cringe to have that label put on him. Along with this he has set up several very successful and award winning historical groups, from Stand and Deliver (The Society of English Highwaymen) to the Seathieves’ Pirate Association.

Most of all, Tony loves teaching adults and children the truth about some of Britain’s best loved legends. You can find out more about him on his website.


14:00- Mental Health, Spirituality, & Self-Care, a talk with Cat Treadwell

Join Cat Treadwell at Pagan Pride UK this year for a talk on Mental Health, Spirituality & Self-Care.

Many Pagan folks live and battle with mental health problems. Cat will discuss how we can use our spiritual practice to help, as well as sharing a small ritual to demonstrate practical tools you can use when in need.

Cat is a Druid Priest living in Derbyshire, England with her partner and animal family. She’s a professional ritual celebrant and multifaith worker, travelling throughout the East Midlands and beyond. Her first book, ‘A Druid’s Tale’ was published in 2012, with the second, ‘Facing the Darkness‘, in October 2013.

She’s a volunteer for The Druid Network and East Midlands Pagan Federation; also an ordained Awenydd (Priest) of The Anglesey Druid Order and Honorary Member of The Centre for Pagan Studies. In addition, she’s a professional Pagan Chaplain, volunteering for Derbyshire Hospitals and employed by the Prison Service.

Find out more about Cat on her website.


15:00-The Future of Pagan Pride, a talk from Esme Knight

Esme has over twenty years of experience as a Pagan and Witch, and worked as a professional witch and celebrant for many years before going on her current sabbatical. She founded Pagan Pride UK in 2009 and it has grown from a community picnic to become a thriving festival and the biggest free Pagan event in the UK.

Esme also founded the Spellcrafter moot in Nottingham, and was its moot leader for several years, arranging open rituals and community events for the local Pagan community. She has been on local and national TV, radio and in the press, discussing Pagan Pride UK and promoting an accurate and positive image of modern Paganism.


16:00: After-Life Rites for Family and Friends, a talk from Lyn Balis of Life Rites

Join Lyn from Life Rites for a wonderful talk on this rarely mentioned topic.

Lyn will discuss how we should treat our loved ones at the end of their life, and going into washing, dressing, and anointing the body, and the reasons behind these actions. There'll also be an oportunity to ask questions.

Life Rites is a non-profit organisation, who provide professionally trained celebrants, who work with their clients to put together thoughtful and personal ceremonies. Their motivation is the ethos, 'thus we serve', and they see their work as a vocation. They welcome inquiries from anyone who needs their help, for whatever reason.

They also offer celebrant training courses, and courses on death midwifery. You can find out more about Life Rites on their website, or pop in to see them at the community area at the festival.


17:00: The Elfin Knight, a story from Suzanne and Jake Tummus

Join Suzanne and Jake under the Green Man Tree for a wonderful tale called The Elfin Knight.

In the ancient Bardic Tradition,  Suzanne and Jake blend stories and music to take you to a place where dragons fly, giants comb their beards and otherworldly folk dance with mortals.

Singing songs and telling stories from a repertoire of traditional pieces and their own compositions, Suzanne and Jake find their inspiration in the folktales, legends and songs of Britain and the wild hills of South Shropshire.

You’ll also find them telling stories to our younger guests at the family fun area.


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