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"The Pagan Federation warmly supports Pagan Pride
and congratulates the organisers for bringing the
community together once more for this great event."

- President Pagan Federation

Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Speakers Forums

Our speakers' forums host a range of exciting talks and workshops from experienced speakers, well-known community figures, and skilled professionals. Scroll down to find this year's line up!

Timetable for 2018

Speakers Forum One


13:00: Tarot as a Life Progression Tool, a workshop with DK Leather

We’re pleased to announce that DK will be running his wildly popular Tarot as a Life Progression Tool workshop again this year, after it was packed out last year. Join DK to explore the art of Tarot, and how relevant and wonderful a tool it is for growth, self development, and working out life choices. Beginners/experienced welcome, for a refreshing look at this wonderful personal growth and life path progression tool. Come learn and laugh with him.

DK is a professional tarot reader of fifteen years, a celebrant and a Shamanic practitioner. Find out more about him on his website or find him on Facebook


14:00: Wicca: A Modern Religion with Ancient Roots, a talk from Ashley Mortimer

Ashley Mortimer, trustee of the Doreen Valiante Foundation and director of the Centre for Pagan Studies, presents an indepth look at the roots of modern Paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft, from from their ancient origins to the story of Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiante, and the modern Pagan revival.

An initiate of the Craft, Ashley often gives talks about the history of Wicca/Witchcraft and the work of the Doreen Valiente Foundation/Centre For Pagan Studies. He follows his spiritual path with an eclectic and pragmatic approach to spirituality and religion as well as being a respected media spokesman on Paganism and an active participant in the Pagan and wider spiritual communities, in areas such as interfaith, religious education, community volunteering and event organisation.


15:00: Talking to the ‘Other’, a talk from Mike Stygal

Join former Pagan Federation president Mike Stygal for an important talk on how to handle conversations about beliefs with people from other faiths, or no faith.

Never one to be idle, Mike continues to work with the Pagan Federation as a community support officer, as well as taking the lead on various projects with the Pagan Symposium.


16:00: The Witch Queen, a talk from Sean Woodward

Discover with Sean Woodward, the mythic transformation of Hekate from the Classical era to the Queen of the Witches and why she is she so important to the contemporary Pagan, Witchcraft, Typhonian and Voudon Gnostic movements. Follow a trail of occult research and mythic excavations of the Roman Empire, of Renaissance cathedrals, Fairy Mounds and The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic at Boscastle.

This journey is "a magical book of revelations" which can be explored further in Sean's book, The Infernal Faces of Hekate.

Sean is a visionary artist, esotericist, author, poet, and musician with over three and a half decades of dedicated magical experience and artistic expression. He has been a speaker at The Glastonbury Occult Conference, Writing Industries Conference, Nottingham Playhouse, Derby City Life, and Chesterfield Festival amongst others. He is a gnostic bishop and the OTOA-LCN Grand Master for Great Britain and Ireland. Find out more on his website.


17:00: Sacred Folk, Sacred Food, a talk from Shani Oates

Join author Shani Oates for a fascinating talk on how Pagan and Heathen communities historically used food and ritual to perpetuate seasonal customs rhat guests may recognise in their own rituals today. Given the time of year, there will be a special focus on Lammas/Lughnasadh.


Speakers Forum Two

13:00: Dark Faerie Tales, a talk from Diane Narroway

Join Diane Narraway of the Dolmen Grove to find out more about the origns behind some of our best loved stories and tales.

Find out more about Diane on the Dolmen Grove website or on their page on Facebook.


14:00: Friday the Thirteenth, a talk from Cheryl Waldron

From the Knights Templar and the legend of Christ; Moon worship and numerology to the Ancient Greeks and Norse mythology. Delve into the superstitions, fears and associations regarding the day Friday 13th.

Cheryl Waldron is a writer, illustrator and editor, she was the assistant editor and contributor of the ground-breaking publication Lucifer, the Light of the Aeon (Black Moon Publishing) and Songs of the Black Flame (Black Moon Publishing). Her newest venture Magickal Tales to Delight and Inspire (Dark Moon Press) is a collaboration with writer and editor Diane Narraway, aimed at Pagan children and their families.  She has written articles for several publications including Becoming Psychic Magazine and is a regular contributor of the Dolmen Grove Chronicles, one of the fastest growing online publications in the pagan and occult community. She regularly talks about many varying pagan, witchcraft and holistic subjects, and is fast becoming an up-and-coming editor and illustrator in her own right.

As a historian, Cheryl specialises in Celtic, prehistoric and medieval English history.


15:00: Living Moonwise, a workshop with Awen Clement

Pagan Pride UK is pleased to welcome Awen Clement to this year’s festival, where she’ll be running her workshop, Live Moonwise.

Join her as she shares her wisdom and ideas for living life by the cycles of the moon. She’ll talk about connecting with your natal moon phase, the energies of the moon through the year and how it can make a difference to life and work.

Awen, also known as the Wild Magpie priestess, is an independent celebrant and priestess working in and around Birmingham and Staffordshire. She works in her community, providing ceremonies for weddings, handfastings, naming ceremonies and funerals, as well as specializing in ceremonies for women in their childbearing year. In addition, she leads workshops and retreats around the country with an emphasis on working with the land and the ancestors.


16:00: Accessiblity in the Pagan Community, a discussion with the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team

Members of the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team will lead a discussion on accessibility in the Pagan community.

Founded in November 2015, the team was established to answer the rising need of the disabled, carers and additional needs families of the Pagan community. Many of the team members have firsthand knowledge of disabilities and some have worked in a sector that has given them experience and a wider knowledge too.

The team attends national festivals, conferences and even local moots to meet people, speak about the team and the PF and their work and to reach out to the community. As well as this they have also held the world’s first Online Festivals.

Find out more on their website!


17:00: Elemental Balance, a workshop with DK Leather

DK Leather’s Elemental Balance workshop teaches how to achieve this in your daily life. The session will include shamanic journeying with instruction and is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience.

DK is a professional tarot reader of fifteen years, a celebrant and a Shamanic practitioner. Find out more about him on his website or find him on Facebook


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