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Pagan Pride
Pagan Pride

Apocalicious: The Stars

What could be more dark and delightful than the very end of the universe? Cooler than the Big Freeze? Hotter than the big Squeeze? Only the cast of Apocalicious! We gathered up the brightest stars in the universe and saved them just for you. Find out who they are below!

Remember to grab your advance tickets now for only £5! Or pay £6 on the door. Tickets are available here.

Halima Sagira

Halima Sagira is a multi-talented performer who’s well known for her flair across the dance spectrum.

Now a passionate burlesque performer, she began her career studying Egyptian, Turkish, Oriental, Cabaret, and even steampunk-inspired fusion bellydance with Fulya. After being mesmerized by tribal dancers at a hafla, she sought out Badra tribal and learned a whole new style, and now performs with that troupe regularly.

Always an adventurer, Halima has travelled the world, teaching bellydance in Japan and New Zealand, gaining new skills and inspiration on the way! Today she’s back in the UK and has trained with nationally acclaimed teachers across the country such as Rachel Brice and Alexis Southall, in between qualifying as an American Tribal Style® Bellydance teacher with her tribal gaining ‘sister studio’ status.

A stunning dancer who’s prone to a saunter on the dark side, Halima has performed at a variety of national bellydance events, such as Gothla and Infusion Emporium, as well as at Fulya’s Burlesque and Bellydance shows where, if they're very lucky, she even treats the audience to a song or two between wowing them with her spectacular dancing. Her Burlesque performances show Gothic Lolita and Steampunk influences, as well as showcasing her incredible bellydance skills.

As a worldwide traveller and frequent dark-side dancer, Halima stands a good chance in November’s apocalpyse and we urge you to check out her website to learn more, and to find details of her wonderful Tribal Fusion & American Tribal Style® classes. See for details.


Nenedhel Absynthium

Prepare yourself to be dazzled, mystified and tantalized as this golden-haired temptress takes you on a magical journey. She might be a mystical Femme Fatale, or a fun-loving pin-up bombshell, but there can be no mistake that whenever Nenedhel Absynthium graces the stage, you’re sure to be intoxicated…

Whimsical, glamorous and always avante garde, Nenedhel Absynthium has been gracing stages across the Midlands, at the Big Burlesque show in London and at Edinborough Fringe Festival. She's also recently branched out to perform internationally in the World Burlesque Games, during which she's won through to the last round and will be competing in the finals for the Twisted Crown!

A multi-talented neo-classical and dark fantasy burlesque artist, Nenedhel is also an ariel performer and model.

And find out more about Nenedhel Absynthium on her website:


Queen Cobra

Quirky Queen Cobra first developed an interest (read: insatiable appetite) for bellydance eleven years ago, after being inspired to look into it by her grandmother—who’s been instructing her in the art of performance and stagecraft since she was small! The family talent’s clearly strong in Queen Cobra, whose Egyptian and Cabaret bellydance performances frequently delight and amaze audiences around Nottingham, both as a solo artist and leading her troupe, Cobra Mystique!

Though she’s been ‘going steady’ with Egyptian bellydance for some time now, Queen Cobra picks up inspiration from all dance forms including classical music and rock! As any fans of her performances will know, her dance tends to tell a story- driven by characters as fantastical, weird, wonderful and downright spooky as you could hope to find down any rabbit hole.

Regulars at our cabarets may recognise this remarkable performer from her work with out-there, stitch-inducing cabaret group, Dead Girls Don't Say No!


Matt Arnold

Matt Arnold is a mentalist, a magician of the mind. His brand of magic ventures deep into the realms of psychological illusion, where perception and deception fuse. Displaying finely honed skills in psychological influence, memory techniques and mind reading, he entertains his audiences, leaving them with a sense of awe and wonder, and the question... can it be for real?


Lily Van De Graaff

This dark fusion belly dancer that will ignite your passions and draw you into the unlit realms where she dwells. Fueled by gothic horror and fairytales, Lily is an incredible performer who's graced the stages of events such as Antichrist's tenth birthday party, Dia De La Muertos Fiesta, Bomfest, Storytime Festival and many more.

Multi-talented Lily is also signed with the Twisted Model agency and Rouge Model management. A stunning and artistic alternative model, Lily knows just how to bring an idea from thought to expression, whether it's a shadowy daydream or a plan for world domination.
With a flair for performance and embodying characters, Lily's walked the catwalk on more than one occasion, for Boo Boo Kitty Couture and Ferox clothing, as well as being featured in various magazines and even in exhibitions.

Find out more about this beautiful dancer at her Facebook page:


Pansy Cheung

Hong Kong-born hothouse flower Pansy Cheung has become something of an enigma in the burlesque community since her debut on the UK scene. Skipping finishing school to hone her craft in the underground nightclubs of her native city, her influences range from the dances of the Japanese Maiko and Geiko, to French Cancan (Chahut), pole and aerial dance.

Trained in classical ballet from an early age, she studied with Paulette Turner and at the Old Mill Studios, before going on to train in Bellydance and Bollywood as a teenager. An avid interest in oriental dance ethnology led her to train with the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) in London, and become a founder member of the Ashay Dance Troupe. It was in 2008 that her solo career ignited, with a residency at the Secrets of Boudoir Burlesque!

Pansy is an elegant and expressive performer, noted for her dynamic use of props such as Isis wings, fire fans, silk veils and balancing swords, her inspired choreographies and inventive costumes, many of which she makes or customises herself. She seeks to actively promote dance in the community as a liberating and legitimate form of expression through her work.

Proving that intelligence, beauty and talent can be a mesmerising combination, she is the proud recipient of two degrees in foreign languages. Pansy is currently based in Sheffield, though she’s travelled as far afield as USA, Germany, Egypt and Tunisia, where she regularly performs and teaches workshops. She shares her home with her pet rat, one as yet unidentified spirit, and a host of dance paraphernalia both historical and contemporary.


Count Chronos Morté

Rising from the dark depths of our collective subconscious, Count Chronos Morté brings a show from strange dimensions of the psyche. Melding sultry and comedic elements, his performances promise intriguing entertainment laced with shadow.

A semi-finalist for the World Burlesque Games newcomer’s crown, Count Chronos Morté has performed all over the UK, from Shrewsbury’s Corsets ‘n Cabaret to the Edinborough Fringe Festival. We’re delighted that he’s now bringing his particular brand of burlesque, with its geeklesque/neo burlesque overtones, to Apocalicious: The Cabaret at the End of the Universe!



Acacia’s a talented and experienced bellydancer, who’s trained and performed with Nottingham’s blacksheep bellydance tribe, Black Peacock, since the troupe’s formation. In 2015 Acacia joined forces with another performer to form the gothic-metal powered tribal fusion duo, Mircalla’s Call. She’s wowed audiences throughout Nottingham and the midlands, at halfas, events, and at festivals, and we're delighted that she's joining us for the apocalypse.

Inspired by Zoe Jakes, Bex Priest and Rachel Brice, Acacia’s dark slinky style, paired with beautiful gothic costumes and metal music, is sure to leave her audience delighted at Apocalicious. When she’s not dancing at the end of the world, Acacia spends her time creating beautiful artwork and hanging out with her equally gothic cats.


Tales from the Fireside

Tales from the Fireside was created by three blokes drawn together by a love of stories, and showing off in public. The group includes local actor and previous London Dungeon performer/inhabitant David Knight, retired businessman and wizard Brian Barber, and retired university lecturer Les Prince, otherwise known as Locksley, Strider and Dumbledore.

Their stories will take you on a journey, part-fantasy, part-mystery, part-folklore, and part-Pythonesque mayhem. Drawn from the ancient tales of Britain, as well as more contemporary stories from around the world, and their own original material, their stories may be dark, light, funny or sad, but all are engaging, and include a fireside-style twist.

So during the show, be prepared for dark tales to mystify, horrify and delight you by these fantastic professional storytellers.


Angelic Whispers

Beautiful Angelic Whispers has graced many stages over the last five years with her burlesque, bellydance and musical theatre!

Taking her inspiration from music, film, art and dance, this cultured performer embraces many styles from the dramatic allure of her well-known ‘Roxanne’ performance to more quirky routines. Attendees of our previous shows may remember Schrodinger's Cat and Harley Quinn!

A regular on the stage, Angelic Whispers has performed across the city for Show Me Events, Bijoux Burlesque, I’m Not From London, Black Cherry Burlesque and at PP Events' own cabarets.


Skivvy Von Sweep

Best known for her antics as PP Events 'Girl Friday', Skivvy Von Sweep is a Burlesque performer and Bellydancer, usually found stage managing, rounding up escapee performers and trying to fit Dead Girls Don't Say No's latest props into the building. 

After several years of Burlesque and pole dancing, Skivvy Von Sweep began learning American Tribal Style Bellydance at Nottingham Tribal Bellydance, and later went on to train in Tribal Fusion and Blacksheep Bellydance with Black Peacock Bellydance. She has performed across the midlands, and elsewhere with Yakshini, Black Peacock and Cthusa. Finding inspiration in the community, ritual and fluidity of bellydance, she performed her first solo routine in July 2015.

Skivvy Von Sweep is a 'patchwork performer' with an insaitiable need to try everything. Over the years she's taken part in a variety of art forms and sports, from synchronised swimming to capoeira, and draws on them all to inspire her dance.



Pagan Pride are thrilled to welcome back, Dead Girls Don't Say No!

Dr Swiftenstein, Candy Bloodbags and Cynthia Borg are back with more Bellydance and Burlesque-infused antics as Dr S continues to search for his perfect woman. Will Dr. S melt those villainous hearts? Or is he headed for trouble? And what's Igor up to?

This wildly creative trio came together in 2012 when they decided to push the boundaries of their ‘mutual weirdness’. Dead Girls Don’t Say No quickly went from treading the line between genius and insanity to playing hopscotch over it. Their fantastic bellydancing skills, flair for performance and hilarious storytelling techniques have had our audience in stitches and awe at every show since.




Esme is a Rock Singer/Songwriter with a powerful vocal and an eclectic sound that spans all genres of rock from heavy metal, through country blues, to the occasional folk rock vibe.

Previous supports include; Purson, Stormbringer, Gypsy Pistoleros, Black Acid Souls, Balls Deep, Uncle Rust, Confyde, and Martin Jackson (Emperor Chung), and she also supported Cadence Noir during their europeon tour. She's also played a host of local and national festivals such as Rock & Metal Circus, Basementfest, Rock and Bike Fest, Salfest (SOPHIE fundraiser), and Nottingham's very own Hockley Hustle. She currently performs with Centurion UK.

Look out for her debut solo album 'Habitual Catalyst' coming soon.